Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Legend Of Jilguerillo

The legend tells us that hundreds of years ago an indigenous tribe’s had established en the Atlantic zone or our country. Among them there was a very cruel warrior he was called Batsu. One day Batsu decided to find a wife and he chooses to Jilgue, a young lady, she used to take for a walk for the forest singing like a little bird. When Jilgue knew of the intentions of Batsu, she ran away to hide on the forest.

Batsu was very anger when he knew that the young lady was disappeared and he ordered to his warriors to go and find her. When they were walking, they heard the singing of Jilgue. But when get near to the place were the singing comes from, Jilgue was gone. Then Batsu ordered to burn the forest. When the flame started to raised he shouted to Jilgue if she can go out of the fire, she can save her. She answered that she prefers death. The fire makes stronger. Suddenly they sawed how Jilgue fall down to the floor and she was dying. But a brown little bird, with a read beak and foot, started to sing en their heads, it wasn’t the singing of a bird, it was the Jilgue’s vice, since that day is still hearing in the forest the singing of the Jilgueros of our country.


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