Saturday, September 24, 2005

The legend of Mico Brujo

In the whole Central America is known the legend of “Mico Brujo”. In some places they also call it the “Mona”.

Our ancestors said that there was some women that at eleven o’clock at night, they did three tumble to the back and then three tumble to the front; these woman had a with washbasin and in the last turn they vomited their soul in the washbasin. Then without their soul they convert in monkeys and they were dedicated to make “pranks”.

That way, these witches, along with the dark of the night, they go up in the trees and threw fruits to people. They go up in the roofs on, the houses, jumping from one place to another and threw rocks to the street. A lot of people were tray to capture and dill the monkey, but nothing work out, because when they are near and they think that it was round up, the monkey disappears like a spell.

Also our ancestors said that those women can convert in big and black pigs full of mud.
As soon as they looked to the “selected person”, they hurry their trot and they started to growl. They attack furiously to that person and hit to the person and they bite it in the legs until the person goes down and make it lose the knowledge. The day after that, the “selected person” wakes up with pain and with bites, and with his pockets empty.


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